Midwest Whitetail Hunting Properties, LLC shares your love of whitetail hunting. Having hunted whitetails in the Midwest states, our goal is to bring hunters and landowners together in a mutually beneficial exclusive lease arrangement. MWHP is co-owned and operated by Jared Mayberry and Sean Boyle. Both have logged numerous hours of hunting the hardwoods of Illinois and the river bottoms and vast crop fields of Missouri and Kansas and know what type of habitat that it takes to grow and hold mature whitetails.

MWHP takes the guess-work out of locating quality whitetail hunting habitat. We know what hunters look for in a site, and what landowners expect from those who hunt on their land. Our lease properties have been scouted for a mixture of crops and timber, good quality food sources, bedding areas, and exceptional habitat. We’ve gained the access and permission you need to pursue your passion. Leasing one of MWHP’s properties will allow you to manage and maintain that dream whitetail hunting property!

Our company works as a broker for the landowner to find a suitable hunting group to lease their property.  We market the property, show the property to perspective lessee’s and complete all of the agreements between the landowner and the hunting group.  Our company also carries a blanket liability insurance policy which covers all parties involved in the hunting lease, including the hunters.  The hunting group will not be asked to provide their own hunting lease insurance.

The fee that is listed for a particular hunting lease, is the total fee that the hunting group will be obligated to pay.  There are no hidden fees or membership fees of any kind.  The landowner determines the price for the hunting lease and our companies brokerage fee comes out of the total hunting lease price.  The landowner also determines how many hunters can be on the hunting lease agreement, any harvest quotas that may be required and also designates areas that food plots may be planted in if allowed.

Our companies primary focus is locating hunting leases in areas of the Midwest that are known for producing quality deer hunting opportunities.  We have several options for hunting groups looking to lease hunting property.  We have weekly, seasonal and annual hunting lease options which allow the hunter the flexibility of leasing a property that fits their needs.  Long term hunting leases are an option after the first year and allow the hunter to manage a farm for many years without worrying about where they will be hunting next season.  We strive to provide hunters the access to hunting leases that they will want to continue to hunt year after year.

If you are a hunter interested in our service and what we can do for you, below are the steps in the process:

  • View our “Leases” page on the website for up to date information on hunting leases that are available or fill out the hunter profile form on the “Hunters” page. Contact us either via email or phone to discuss which hunting leases you may be interested in.
  • Schedule a time with us to view the property to determine for yourself if it will fit your needs.
  • Once you have decided on a hunting lease, MWHP will prepare the hunting lease agreements and send out at once.
  • Return the hunting lease agreements signed with a 50% deposit of the total lease price.
  • Pay the remaining balance of the lease price within 30 days of signing the hunting lease agreements and the lease is all yours!