How much is the average lease?

Leases are generally priced on a per-acre basis.

What are the terms of the lease?

Leases are available on an annual or seasonal basis. Individual or groups securing annual leases will have the option to renew their agreement and explore the possibility of a multi-year lease.

What are the benefits of each type of lease?

The advantage of an annual lease is having a hunting property at your disposal during the course of an entire year. Annual leases allow the hunters to manage the quality of trophy class deer that are harvested on a well-managed property.Seasonal leases are best for hunters who prefer a single mean of hunting, or who’s time commitment is limited. If bow hunting is your passion, or if your vacation time falls during muzzle loader season., a seasonal lease may be your best option.

Who will have access to the property?

Only the individuals listed on your signed lease agreement will have access to the property during the term of your lease.

Do I need to purchase my own liability insurance?

No, DTHL provides a 2 Million dollar liability insurance policy with each lease that covers all hunters on the lease agreement.