Missouri at a glance:
The state of Missouri offers in-state and out of state hunters alike great opportunities to pursue whitetail deer. Missouri’s deer herd is in great shape and continues to improve with the doe harvest management and the antler point restrictions put in place by the states conservation department. Out of state tags (both archery and firearm) can be purchased at a reasonable price over the counter. No lotteries! Missouri has a great mix of open prairie, crop ground, timber and river bottom land that provide the ideal habitat to grow and hold whitetails. DTHL targets the northern part of the state, however feels that there are some hidden hot spots that provide some nice whitetail hunting as well. Central and West Central Missouri being two of those areas, provides the habitat and agriculture needed to sustain good deer numbers and provide trophy whitetail hunting opportunities as well. Most all counties that DTHL targets, fall within the 4 point antler restriction. In order for a buck to be legal to harvest, it must sport at least 4 points on one side. The counties that have been involved in this program are now starting to see the benefits as more upper age class bucks are being seen and harvested. Missouri’s archery season opens on September 15th and runs through mid January. The firearms season opens on a Saturday in mid November and runs for 10 days. They also have a muzzleloader season which opens typically the day following Thanksgiving. If you are an out of state hunter looking to hunt big whitetails and not have to worry about a lottery, Missouri may be the destination for you. DTHL encourages you to view the Department of Conservations website at http://mdc.mo.gov for all hunting related information such as season dates and permit information. The link to this website is also provided on the “Links” page.

Illinois at a glance:
The state of Illinois offers some of the best trophy hunting in the country and it is no secret. West Central Illinois is the area that DTHL puts its focus on. This area has everything that whitetails need to grow old. This part of the state is made up of gently rolling crop ground with rugged hardwood timbered draws and ridges. Out of state hunters will need to apply for both archery and firearm tags with applications becoming available during the early summer months. The archery season opens October 1st and runs through mid January. Illinois has three separate firearms seasons to choose from. The 1st season typically opens the Friday prior to Thanksgiving and is a 3 day shotgun season. The second season historically begins the Thursday following Thanksgiving and is a four day shotgun/muzzleloader season. The third option is a four day muzzleloader only season that opens the Thursday following the second season. Illinois does not allow the use of center fire rifles, their firearms seasons are short and for the most part out of the rut. This along with the great habitat allows a good number of bucks to reach a mature age and produce those trophy racks. DTHL encourages you to view the DNR’s website at http://dnr.state.il.us/  for all hunting related information such as season dates and permit information. The link to this website is also provided on the “Links” page.

Iowa at a glance:
Iowa is definitely a bow hunter’s paradise! With only one early season shot gun season in mid October, no gun hunting is allowed until December after the rut has passed. This allows the bow hunter to hunt the entire rut without interruption of a firearms season. Iowa consists of good hardwoods, CRP ground, river bottom ground and plenty of agriculture. Due to the States management practices in place, Iowa bucks can live to an old age and produce very impressive racks. DTHL targets the southern and eastern halves of Iowa but feels that a trophy can be harvested anywhere in the State. The permit allocation for non-residents is also done via lottery. The archery season opens on October 1st and runs to Mid January closing during the 1st and 2nd shotgun seasons that are typically scheduled in Mid December. There is also an early and late muzzleloader season. The early season is in Mid October and the late season is typically in late December through early January. You can find out more information on Iowa seasons and permit allocation by clicking here http://www.iowadnr.gov/. The link to this website is also provided on the “Links” page.

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    Now introducing “Trophy Packages”

    Are you an out of state hunter traveling long distances to hunt the Midwest? Do you live in state but are pressed for time? Ask about DTHL’s Trophy Packages! Not only will DTHL provide you the property to hunt but can also prepare you for the season as well. If you’re like most, the cost of gasoline now day’s has definitely hampered the ability to make multiple trips to a farm prior to the season to prepare stand sites, plant food plots, setup mineral sites, run trail cameras, etc; DTHL can provide these services to the hunters. DTHL will try to accommodate all hunters with stand preference if possible but the typical set consists of a 15’ or 20’ climbing stick and a Gorilla Kong lock on stand. Ladder stands may also be used if requested. Food plots may be planted in areas designated by the landowner and DTHL typically utilizes the Biologic line of products. Mineral sites (if allowed in the state you are hunting) are created in the late spring to early summer to give that extra nutrition to those growing antlers and to also get the bucks coming to the trail cameras which will allow you to know what deer are calling you’re farm home. All game monitoring cameras that DTHL utilizes are digital and the photos will be either emailed or put onto a CD and mailed out to the hunters every 4 weeks from June through September. The cost of these services is on a situational basis and will be added to the lease amount. This can prove to be very beneficial to the hunter!