Introducing Trophy Packages!

Are you an out of state hunter traveling long distances to hunt the Midwest? Do you live in state but are pressed for time? Ask about DTHL’s Trophy Packages! Not only will DTHL provide you the property to hunt but can also prepare you for the season as well. If you’re like most, the cost of gasoline now day’s has definitely hampered the ability to make multiple trips to a farm prior to the season to prepare stand sites, plant food plots, setup mineral sites, run trail cameras, etc; DTHL can provide these services to the hunters!

DTHL will try to accommodate all hunters with stand preference if possible but the typical set consists of a 15’ or 20’ climbing stick and a lock on or ladder stand.

Food plots may be planted in areas designated by the landowner and DTHL typically utilizes the Biologic line of products. Mineral sites (if allowed in the state you are hunting) are created in the late spring to early summer to give that extra nutrition to those growing antlers and to also get the bucks coming to the trail cameras which will allow you to know what deer are calling you’re farm home. All game monitoring cameras that DTHL utilizes are digital and the photos will be either emailed or put onto a CD and mailed out to the hunters every 4 weeks from June through September.

The cost of these services is on a situational basis and will be added to the lease amount. This can prove to be very beneficial to the hunter!